Bayern Messe was set up by some senior professionals , the core management has over 10 years’ experiences and successful cases in marketing, organization, global promotion, team management and HR etc. We have the stable and creative professional team which is the key factor for the success of our exhibitors, visitors and partners.

As we all know, Germany is the kingdom of exhibition. Bayern Messe has been learning from their operation model, we pay attentions to the high rate of ROI of each participant in our exhibitions. We are the bridge from exhibitors to visitors. Following the tide of globalization, we are based in the local huge market; we devote ourselves to be agent of overseas exhibitions and to be independent organizer of local exhibitions depending on our unique resources. At present, the main business is working for overseas exhibitions; we focus on the market of Russia, Indonesia, Middle East, Malaysia, Israel, India, Europe and America etc, and offer the comprehensive services for Chinese enterprises to “go out”. In the near future, we will be the leading organizer in respective markets that we choose. Bayern Messe is the high quality of business platform for everyone who joins our exhibitions or conventions.

China’s economy is rising rapidly every year, and Chinese market is pregnant for endless opportunities. Bayern Messe keeps endeavoring for the better future.

We are focusing on the following items:
1. Military & Defense & Police & Homeland Security
2. Security & & Fire & Safety & Disaster Management
3. Energy & Water & Environmental Protection & Lighting & LED
4. Others(IT & Telecommunication,Pack & Plastic & Rubber)

DenfenPol China Worldwide Sales Agents:


Agent for
Canada,North America,Middle East (UAE、Saudi Arabia、Qatar、Bahrain、Kuwait and Sultanate of Oman)

Global ExpoTech 
191 McMaster court London ON. N6K 1J8 Canada  

Mr MK Nabhani-CEO  
Tel: 1 519 601 7007
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